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Giant Marine Fenders on this webpage:
Giant Marine Fenders

NOTE: Due to their large volume, 'Free Shipping over $100' does NOT apply to Giant Marine Fenders. SailboatStuff will contact you with actual shipping charges.

Jim Buoy Giant Marine Fenders Diagram

GIANT MARINE FENDERS BY JIM BUOY The Giant Marine Fender is not an inflatable, but a fender with a 98% closed-cell inner foam core that will never blow-out or sink! Often referred to in the industry as the "hull saver", Jim Buoy's unique design is not simply a roll of foam but is a carefully crafted, quality product incorporating the same US Coast Guard Approved foam used in the Jim Buoy Industrial Life Preservers. The end product is a rugged fender that provides "stop-gap" compression when hard hit time after time; not only protecting the ship from damage but the dock and even the fender itself.

Highly Resistant to Abrasions and Punctures - Encased in an outer covering of "Elastomic Skin" (up to 5/16" thick material) plus a urethane skin base, the Jim Buoy Giant Marine Fenders are extremely resilient and able to flex with the rigors of high energy berthing over and over again, providing the user with extended service under all conditions. All models may be mounted vertically or float horizontally. The Tube-Through-the Center models feature a 1-1/4" thru-hole that provides easy access for tethering.

  • Installation Tips - Fenders vertically when coming along side another ship or dock allowing the line from the lower end of the Fender to be free. After the ship's lines are secure, pull the Fender to a horizontal position. Use additional Fenders during rough weather.
  • Repair Service - If your fender is damaged by misuse or eventual "wear and tear", arrangements may be made for Jim Buoy to recondition them to near-new condition and return to owner as needed. Please contact SailboatStuff for complete details.

  • Giant Marine Fenders by Jim Buy are available in Tube-Through-the-Center or Galzanized Swivel Designs (see diagram on left).

    US$349.95 / EACH
    Color: Black · Length: 36" · Diameter: 12" · Thru-Hole Size Material: 1-1/4" PVC · Stand-Off Distance: 6" · Actual Weight: 40.0 lbs. · Part Number: 212 /212-NFS-TUBE / 212-NFS-SWIV
    US$569.95 / EACH
    Color: Black · Length: 44" · Diameter: 14" · Thru-Hole Size Material: 1-1/4" PVC · Stand-Off Distance: 8" · Actual Weight: 45.0 lbs. · Part Number: 214 / 214-NFS-TUBE / 214-NFS-SWIV
    US$729.95 / EACH
    Color: Black · Length: 50" · Diameter: 18" · Thru-Hole Size Material: 1-1/4" PVC · Stand-Off Distance: 12" · Actual Weight: 50.0 lbs. · Shipping Weight: 83.5 lbs. · Part Number: 218 / 218-NFS-TUBE / 218-NFS-SWIV
    US$1,029.95 / EACH
    Color: Black · Length: 53" · Diameter: 24" · Thru-Hole Size Material: 1-1/4" PVC · Stand-Off Distance: 14" · Actual Weight: 70.0 lbs. · Shipping Weight: 157.4 lbs. · Part Number: 224 / 224-NFS-TUBE / 224-NFS-SWIV